Two Thousand and Sixteen

New year, new me. No wait: better me. Wait let’s try that again: the best me of ALL TIME!

The 2016 season brings with it a lot of new things that build on some of the best things from 2015. First off, my team: I am extremely proud/intensely excited to be continuing with the Lupus Racing Team for the upcoming season. The squad itself has some big signings (which I’m sure you all have heard about courtesy of our amazing media & public relations group Peloton Sports.) The team has continued in its meteoric rise and 2016 looks to be our best year to date. I am going to bring you guys one-on-one interviews/ chats with some of these awesome people later in the year.

For now I don’t want to bore you guys with too much text so I’ll leave it at that for now. Much much more to come soon so be sure to check back on my new website for more happenings!